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Should Women Join the Army

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It is an obligation for men to serve the army in some countries.And in some countries,women are asked to do so.Some people think army is the domain for men so there is no need for women to join it.In my opinion,if a woman would like to,she can join the army as she wishes,it totally depends on herself.

In the past,women are thought to be belonged to laundries and dishes,because they are not physical strong as men,they are too delicate to some areas such as the army.There is no doubt for people used to hold this view because strength is an essential part in ancient wars.However,it is not that case any more.We live in an information age,what countries compete now is technology,and modern women are highly educated and have well fitted can surely suit the modern army.

Moreover,it is obvious that women have more merits over men just like they are more patient and considerable,better at communication and so on.So they definitely have advantage in undertaking works like medical care or serving as a psychologist in the army.Besides,women have different mindset from men,so they can deal with things in a different way from men do.The more points of view and various backgrounds we have,the more effective we can be to address the problems.

However,regarding the traditional role women play in a society in raising children,take care of the family or something like that,many girls are reluctant to join the army.So,I think,government should not make it into a compulsory obligation for women to do,women should be given the right to choose what they like to do.


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