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We will be discussing authentic leadership theory with Richard Attenborough 1982, epic ‘Gandhi’ portraying the true story of Mahatma Gandhi’s life.

First: I will provide you with a brief definition of authentic leadership.

Then, we are going to show you our chosen clip.

Second: For the purpose of this presentation we will be using Kernis’ idea of authentic leadership being primarily based on optimal self-esteem.

He develops his arguments according to “four core elements of authenticity as: self awareness, action and behaviours, relational and unbiased processing,”

Lucile followed by Victoria will be illustrating each core element how the clip illustrates Gandhi’s authentic leadership behaviour, decision, action and inaction.

Finally: Alejandra will provide us with a take home message and the lessons we collectively learned as a group of authentic leadership theory.


Difference of opinions on leadership theory amongst authors has created vast amount of research and evidence of what type of leader Mahatma Gandhi was.

For the intention of today’s presentation, Gandhi’s leadership style will be defined as authentic leadership.

It is important to recognise that there are multiple schools of thought surrounding the definition of authentic leadership.

Although it may seem arbitrary “authentic leadership is a generic term that connotes genuineness [which] conveys to the follower the leader is the real thing”.

Authentic leaders are known to lead due to a particular conviction, a set of beliefs and value systems or a particular mission, which they practice, on a consistent basis.

We will no be showing a short video clip of the movie, illustrating Gandhi early in his leadership career addressing Hindu and Muslim people in South Africa in protest to General Smuts’ unjust new law.

As a group we recognise that Gandhi was an inspiration and...


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