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Brittany Bair
Jesus as my Influence
English 1010 N1

Throughout out my entire life I have met so many different people, but no matter where I went, who was around me, or what I did, I knew Jesus was and will always be with me. Jesus influences me more than anyone else, because he is always strong, kind, patient, and a leader. He is one person that no matter what I do, I always strived to be more like. In some situations I have changed my whole outlook on things, because of his influence, and it has helped almost every time. He is such a great influence in my life. I know I’ve been in a few situations where I felt like I couldn’t handle things, and then I would remember what all he has been through were worse. I’ll share two situations that were and are the hardest for me that seemed so close in time, that they were almost back to back.
Shortly after high school I signed up for the Army and left for basic training quickly after, I was as nervous and as scared as you could believe, the whole time I was there I tried to think of Jesus. I remembered when I couldn’t pass my physical fitness test, because I couldn’t do enough pushups. I just thought that if Jesus could carry that huge cross and drag it up to his crucifixion, then I could push my own body weight up off the floor. Also, I remember trying to influence others and help them out as much as I could, because I know Jesus would do the same. When I started training, I just wanted to focus on myself and I thought I’d be alright that way. As I started to let Jesus influence me, I helped so many people in my platoon and within our company we became the best. A lot of people in training thought it was terrible, but I thought it was the best time of my life. I felt closer to Jesus more there than I ever did, I think it’s because he influenced my personality and strength so much.
After I came home from all my training, I started hanging out with different people than I usually did. I ended up drinking every...


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