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Global Warming

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It is most certainly a figment of our poor little imagination. For every scientist that is being pulled in the direction of global warming being true there is another scientist that being pulled in the direction of it being false. One is being funded by the government to prove global warming is true. While the other one is working for an average salary at an average salary and giving his/her students the knowledge to think for themselves and bring upon new and unbiased opinions about global warming. As I have read from various articles from well known publishers to articles posted by amateurs that don't know where they even received their information. If the question was " Do humans affect the environment around us?" then my response would be completely different. Yet that is not the question. For example Last week my region had a record breaking temperature of 102F. The previous record was 101F in 1934. That is a 78 year span. The life expectancy in 2012 is right about 78.4. That's a long time when it comes to a human. Think about the earth it has been around for 4.54 billion years. That's 57,908,163.26530612 times the 2012 life expectancy. So in 78 years we rose 1 degree Fahrenheit. If we keep moving at this rate in the year 2792 the record high will be 112F Northwest Ohio. That is by no means extreme. It is a "RECORD" high not the norm. Also we have done most of our carbon footprint in the last 75 - 85 years meaning that the exponential growth wouldn't be enough to throw off my calculation. In conclusion, when it comes to Global warming we are in no way shape or form hitting drastic measures


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