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Death Note

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Sara Bouakaz
Five Paragraphs Essay Exercise
Death Note Anime Series
      Death Note is a Japanese manga in which the writer Tsugumi Ohba, the animator Takishi Obata, and the director TrtsurÕ Araki unified their visions to create such aesthetic story. Personally, it made me dwell on the description of the human dynamo of youth intelligence (1), on the lucid symbolism of canker (2), and on the inner human conglomerate struggle between justice and evil (3). The story is about a teenager-Light- who picked up a supernatural notebook dropped on earth by Ryuk-death god-. Light decided to purify the dismal world from criminals by jotting down the name whose proprietor will die after 40 seconds. After endeavoring to be per se a god, he becomes chased by the detective L and finally he winds-up to be killed as the last one that Ryuk wrote his name on the death note.
    Death Note first captivates the spectators with a new   vision concerning the human dynamo   of youth intelligence(1) that is clearly portrayed in the sharp-witted of both Light Yaghami and Ruuzaki L’s antenna. Ohba depicted an acute cleverness when he wove, from the one hand, Light’s higher order cognitive abilities of analysis and planning for both killing and hiding while being in the heart of theater’s stage. From the other hand, he described also L’s extraordinary mental skills of eduction and induction. The audience has jammed with the eagle-eyed intelligence that sways amid both to and fro.
    Furthermore, it has been emphatically accentuated on the Red Apple especially in the                   of episodes when it has been fallen to be catched by Light’s hand and then shared by...


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