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Civil War

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Whaz So Civil ‘Bout War Anyway

Lee Chorba

History 151
Professor Alex Poster
May 30, 2007
Whaz So Civil ‘Bout War Anyway
Front man Axl Rose, the notorious musician for Guns ‘N’ Roses, transcended the musical hierarchy and became one of music’s greatest singers, entertainers, and procrastinators. But to categorize Axl as a valid historian would be stretching the etymology of historian to its breaking point. Nevertheless, Guns ‘N’ Roses hit song “Civil War” exemplifies, through its musical pros, relevant questions concerning the dynamics of the American Civil War. Between the electrifying guitar riffs and the signature vocals of Axle voice, political, social, and cultural ideas can be drawn from the lyrical conclusions brought forth. This paper will analyze specific stanzas in Civil War to historical events leading up to the American Civil War to provide evidence if indeed the war was necessary and unavoidable.
      “Love, God, and human rights…By bloody hands time can’t deny…And history hides
      the lies of our civil wars…”
In the years leading up to the Civil War, Americans were in the midst of a second great religious revival –The Second Great Awakening – which inspired a wave of social activism. The renewed personal salvation experienced during this time, inspired a reformation in society and introduced such movements as women’s rights, temperance and abolitionism. Both women’s rights and temperance were important issues, but the abolitionist movement proved to be the catalyst that fueled the tensions between the industrial North and agricultural South. The institution of the Fugitive Slave Act, part of the larger Compromise of 1850, passed by congress on September 18, 1850 raised growing concerns for anti-slavery citizens. The law enforced that citizen assist in the return of runaway slaves residing in the North. This Act made abolitionists even further supporters to end slavery and brought the subject before the nation....


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