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Sand Production Is Inseparable from the Support System of Sand Crushing Equipment

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Sand production is inseparable from the support system of sand crushing equipment, then how sand processing equipment selection? Sand processing equipment is a series dedicated to crushing, sand, transportation and other equipment, bulk ore only after the beginning of crushing, breaking and crushing screening and other areas, it may be the aggregate construction can be used, in general, create a complete sand production line technology, equipment and raw materials considerations [url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Stone_Crushing/]stone crusher[/url]   are as follows:
      1. Sand the installation location should be away from quarry blasting area 150 ~ 200m outside the mining and sand to ensure safe operation.
  2. The production of sand stone by several times after crushing rock particles having diameters of less than 4.75mm, the rough broken, broken in general were used jaw crusher and impact crusher or cone crusher machines, crushing sand making machine should use impact crusher, etc., should not be used simply hammer crusher. And the current hammer crusher types, some non-dedicated devices have been difficult to meet the needs of medium-sized projects on the yield and product quality.
3, sand production process parameters, characteristics of the device should be optimized, and should strengthen the maintenance of equipment, timely replacement of wear equipment, quality stability mechanism sand. Sand feed particle size is generally controlled at about 20mm. Sand fineness modulus, by commissioning shaker angle and mesh size is controlled by sand dust content in addition to powder technology and equipment features, choose reasonable parameters control.
4, powder sand content, the process should be adjusted by addition powder dry or wet, and select the appropriate equipment in addition to pink depending on the circumstances. In addition to equipment used in powder sand should [url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Stone_Crushing/Hammer_crusher.html]hammer...


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