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Aggregates Has a Pivotal Role in the Development of the Construction Industry

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In recent years, with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the pillar industry of the national economy - the construction industry has also been rapid development, accompanied by the emergence of a growing demand for building materials, and as the main material of the building materials industry it is a sharp rise in production of sand and gravel, and shoved it difficult to stop the momentum.
      Aggregates has a pivotal role in the development of the construction industry in our country. For a long time, China's construction market to use more natural river sand, river sand has a lot of advantages in the construction. But with the improvement of the indicators required by the building, due to differences in the geographical distribution of generation and natural weathering conditions, the advantages of natural sand is no longer choose to use outstanding, plus the energy extraction has been exhausted, the construction industry began to phase out the natural sand artificial sand production and construction appeared as a new source of people's vision of sand.
  As we all know, the whole sand and gravel sand making production line of core equipment, is able to produce to meet international standards of sand and gravel aggregate, the most critical is whether the quality of Sand clearance. Therefore, to improve the quality of gravel, sand making equipment must start from their own improvements. Vipeak Heavy Industries is the leading manufacturer of sand and gravel equipment, the company launched the Sand simple and reasonable structure design, unique spindle bearing is installed with advanced design, so that the series has a heavy load and high speed rotary crusher features. The Sand crushing way is self-strike-breakers, with crushing, coarse grinding function, high reliability. For the production of dust pollution often occur also been improved airflow inside the vortex chamber from the circulation, lesson plans less dust pollution. Production...


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