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What's the Key Point of Briquetting Technology

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Main part of briquetting press machine is two counter-rotating rollers. When materials fall down the gap space between rollers, they get pressed, compacted, then briquetted. Two congruent rollers, one driving and one driven, must be synchronized. Or, the final briquettes will have too much flakes. The diameter and depth of the pockets keeps certain ratio. Too deep pockets make briquette difficult to separate from roller.

Via screw feeder, some materials, especially dry powder, which need relatively high pressure, are pushed. The propelling force would make materials feeding continuous and homogeneous, which result in solid briquettes with uniform size and shape.

Characteristics of good briquettes are the following: coherence, hardness and toughness, density, size and shape, retention of shape. Good binder makes good briquette. So, what's the best binder in making briquette? No definite answer to this question. There are different types of binders, such as pitch, cement, starch, water glass, bentonite, cellulose fibers, etc. Different binders are applicable for different materials. After mixing, particles are coated evenly by binders. During briquetting, they hold together. It would be even stronger, if followed by further drying.

However, for some materials, binder or additive is not allowed, such as burnt lime (CaO), magnesite (MgCO3). They would react with water (H2O). Thus, dry powder briquetting process is developed. It is equipped with hydraulic system and narrower roller to provide higher pressure.

Why briquetting?

    Control dust pollution
    Convert waste into salable product
    Obtain products of the same size and weight
    Solve the problems of powder caking during storage
    Reduce package, storage, transportation cost due to volume reduction
    Improve the flowability of the powders, thus preventing problems of feeding, dosage or package.

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