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Potato Peel Pie

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This   excerpt is taken from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a novel by Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.This book was during the german occupation. While this is going on the characters are writing the main character Juliet about their lives on the island during the time. The excerpt is Adelaide a Guernsey resident writing Juliet . During this excerpt   Adelaide is ranting about Guernsey residents. While reading this i seen loyalty between a civilization during hardship.Which proves loyalty depends on the relationships and bonds you build with people around you.

    Elizabeth wasn't a originally from Guernsey. Even though she was not from the island originally, Elizabeth had gained friendships with all the Guernsey islanders. Elizabeth had fell in love with a german soldier and had a kid. She ended up having a daughter named Kit. Eventually Elizabeth had got sent away to a concentration camp. While away all kinships were left   to Amelia. Amelia was the foundation to Guernsey. Not everyone would take in a child that was not theirs or related.   Not only was that loyal on behalf of Amelia to take in the daughter of Elizabeth.   As well as Elizabeth knowing that during the occupation there was a sent curfew for the residents of Guernsey. One night a few of the residents decided that they would all meet at Amelia’s house. Well the meeting that took place on Amelia’s behalf ended up running late. When they were all walking back they got caught out past curfew. Knowing how the Germans enjoyed literature, Elizabeth came up with a good lie to the soldiers. Elizabeth could have just set back and got in trouble with   the whole group. Instead she decided to save everyone.

    Not only was Elizabeth loyal to people she grew bonds with as well Juliet Ashton was. After a rough time growing up and getting sent to boarding school juliet had made a friend names Sophie. Sophie opened many doors for Juliet.   Sophie’s brother was a publisher. Juliet had to chance...


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