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Titanic Filography

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James Cameron was born in Ontario, in August 15 of 1954. He is a director, film producer, screenwriter and editor. He has directed two of the biggest film of all time (one of those is the titanic). He became famous when he first made the xenogenesis in 1978, which he wrote, directed and produced.   And then became more famous for the realization of the titanic that was made in 1997.   In the period between 1997 and 2009 he started making 3d movies and documentaries and then in 2009 he realized the epic movie avatar.

Titanic was nominated 14 times to academy award and it has won 11 awards including the best director and the best picture.

Where did he get his inspiration?

Cameron's inspiration for the Titanic was based in his obsession with shipwrecks; he wanted to transport the emotional message of the tragedy and felt that a love story combined with the human loss would be essential to achieving this.

Cinematic techniques:

This movie is being talked as if it was a flashback. Rose was remembering what had happened in the unsinkable ship. Titanic is an example of a mainstream film. They used parallel editing which creates more suspens in the movie and also they represent well the engaging to the audience. The audience fell captivated by the emotions and actions of the actors.

In conclusion, we can say that titanic is a movie that was really well done and all the aspects of the movie fix perfectly in making the perfect movie for people for all ages. Every woman gets attracted to love movie of this type and also men like the suspense and the history that is behind this film.


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