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Jasmine Hall
Interview Rough draft
January 22,2015

In English our teacher gave us an assignment to get to know our classmates.   The classmate I met was Jose Rodriguez. Jose grew up in Bridgeport and graduated Bassick High school. He played football there for two years and enjoyed being with his friends. His major is undecided but he is thinking about going into the medical field. He’s not sure what he would do in the medical field but he enjoys going to the gym and has an interest in the body and how to fix it. I personally can see him being a physical therapist plus his sister is a phlebotomist so it seems like the medical life is in his genes.   He also plans to transfer to Southern Connecticut State University since there isn’t really a nurse program in Stamford. Jose has a part time job at Wendy’s and doesn’t really like it but is grateful he has a job. Jose wasn’t born in the United States he was born in the Dominican Republic and moved at the age of six. Since he lived in the Dominican Republic Spanish is his first language. Jose enjoys football and is a fan of the New York Giants, which is a good thing for him since I am also a die-hard Giants fan. I personally don’t agree how we still have Tom Coughlin; he hasn’t made any progress with the Giants. Last time we made it to the super bowl was 2010 and we haven’t made the playoffs in like 3 years. Jose disagrees he is actually glad he is still with the team. It was rough this season but I feel like next season will be our year.   Jose enjoys listening to music from classical to rock. He always enjoyed classical but after taking a music class last semester, he has been able to appreciate it more.   We both agreed how the new rap music is catchy but is also terrible.   Jose is very opened minded to all types of food except for green peppers. He said that when he tried it once he had gotten sick and hasn’t eaten a pepper since. Jose enjoys nature and going out. His main dream is to travel...


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