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English Essay - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

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English Essay - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

Every child has a vivid imagination and a specific moment in their childhood where they   were gathered about a fellow-feeling of entering into the spirit of a play or game . You had a specific but important role in the game . But just as fast as the idea was formed , just as quick the play stopped. The children were growing up, and this perfect game was getting hard to play.   In this short story the main character Sara's brother Terry dies and then   Sara has to deal with this grief of losing a family member and this tragic event stopped the children from playing . Sara felt left behind ad must find herself so she can move on.   The text "divorced, beheaded, survived"   is a short story written by Robin Black.  
The short story is about   a group of children from a neighborhood, who used to   gather together in the main character Sarah's backyard   to play their favorite game about the English royal family . (Henry the VIII and his six wife's ). Every one of them wanted to play Anne Boleyn because she was in their play, going to be beheaded which may   had caused some excitement to the children but could also have been a symbol of Terry's sudden death (Terry was the best to play Anne Boleyn) ."Thirty years later, it seemed to have been as inevitable a conclusion as the strike of Molly┬┤s axe" (page 2 ll. 50-51).    
Sara described, as an adult, her childhood and their play in the spring 1973 , at that time she was 10 years old.   She flashbacks about her older brother Terry who was getting deathly ill and died.   The children stopped playing in her backyard, maybe because they were afraid what to say.   Sara felt completely forgotten and Terry's sudden death scared her and leaved her deep scares.
Later in the story when Sara was a grown up , she has two kids Coco and Mark   who was sixteen and twelve. Suddenly   Marks friend Peter died in a car accident and Sara helped Mark...


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