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The Extended Essay

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How is my Extended Essay marked?

Of the 30 marks awarded for the Extended Essay:
12 are awarded for Knowledge and Understanding,
12 for Argument and Evaluation and
6 for Structure.

|D           |C           |B           |A           |A+           |A++         |
|1           |2           |3           |4           |5           |6           |
|1-2         |3-4         |5-6         |7-8         |9-10         |11-12       |

Markers will complete a grid like the one below.

Introduction/Conclusion [S]
Argument [A]

Knowledge [KU] (up to 12 marks, based on valid points)

Please look at the SQA website to see a more detailed breakdown on how the marks are allocated.


Marks for Knowledge (KU) are awarded for each recognisable and relevant point, up to a maximum of 12 marks. Points that are
developed may be credited with 2 marks.

Example of KU

Britain 1850-1979
“The Liberal government introduced a pension to the old in 1908. They received 5 shillings a week if they had an income of £21 a year. Married couples received 37.5 shillings a week, those who earned more than £21 a year received less money and those who earned £31.50 a year received no pension. People who were disqualified from a pension were people who had avoided work, had criminal records or had been habitually drunk. They would only receive the pension when they reached the age of 70”.

The Introduction

Example One
Extended Essay Question
With what justification can the Labour Party claim to have established a welfare state between 1945-1951?

Between 1945-1951, the Labour Government, led by Clement Attlee, passed a series of social reforms attempting to deal with the “Five Giants”, of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness as
identified in the Beveridge Report of 1942.   It was hoped that through State intervention, the...


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