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An Exaggerated Response

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An exaggerated response?
‘’ We are free to choose our path, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them. ‘’ This is directly related to the case of Keenan Shaw, suspended for selling non-diet soft drinks. It’s been two weeks now. Apparently, he somehow violated their nutritional and marketing policy. In fact, he sold a product that was recently banned from the school for its bad effects on health.
This article is ironic. There is some particular strength to this literary work just as the humorous way to tell the events or even the content of it. Literally, the author has probably found out the story ridiculous. Also, I enjoyed the short quotations insert, here and there, through the writing. On the other hand, I didn’t like the incident in its currents forms. It was dull and insignificant for me. Actually, it was not as important as a big progress in technology or a current affair. Furthermore, the details were redundant. Despite everything, it is a strong article demonstrating that our decisions aren’t always the best.
But, after ready this article, one question come on my mind. Why this rule is so important to their eyes? It is directly linked with health, it’s evident. So the real question was in fact; what are the effects of pop on the human body? I found the answer to my question online in Sodas and your health: risks debated and 9 disturbing side-effects of soda. There I found interesting fact about it. This beverage is nothing, but sugar water. Sodas’ repercussions on your body are huge, especially on weight. After absorbing those numerous calories, it’s normal that you gain a lot of weight. Furthermore, pops have a real impact on calcium. This may result to a lack of this mineral that could lead to osteoporosis and bone problems. It’s the domino effects. But, watch out! It’s also reputed to be one of the causes of type 2 diabetes. Also, it rots your teeth in addition to accelerate, somehow, aging because of phosphates contain in cola. After...


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