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The Bliss of Solitude

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Most of us are oblivious of what Solitude is and what affect and significance it has in our life.
Fellow Companions, I know how it feels to be left alone. We do not tend to stay all by ourselves often. We want to be surrounded by our beloved friends, their constant chatter and the mirthful company they boast of, to be jubilant with them and so on; the list never ends. But, have you ever questioned yourself, are they your friends for life? Would they stand by you just because you were there with them when they felt low? Will they sacrifice their comforts only to make you comfortable? The answer to these solemn questions of our inquisitive minds is sadly, a NO.
Yes, I agree there are exceptions. There are a few who will stay with you at your very best and suffer with you at your very worst, who have seen your flaws and your dejected self and yet choose to accompany you in this perilous journey called Life. However, many people will desert you, this happening in the absence of proper valid reasons which we crave for, when such a betrayal strikes in. When in company, due to your friend’s persistent grumbling, you are made to doubt your own instinctive decisions. At such points, you are left alone or maybe just want to be left alone. This is what Solitude is. Some might refer to this as an irrepressible pain which serves in their disadvantage while others might find oodles of genuine happiness serving them as a mere advantage. Being in Solitude is not as easy as it seems. It’s a burdensome and a plaintive task we ought to complete. The pain and burden dissipates with time. We need not anymore rely on people. We have ourselves. Who else do we need?
Solitude is a substantial element of Life. At a point, it becomes a necessity. Such a necessity isn't bad; it’s great for our own well being and few are the faults we flatter when alone.   We shouldn't really feel guilty about being in solitude; we should savor every moment of it. Happiness stems...


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