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Name: Yun Ji Jaslyn Yan

Date:   8 April 2015

Module 3 – Aircraft performance from a Management Standpoint

Learning Objective: 3. Calculate density altitude; crosswind components; and aircraft performance for takeoff, cruise, and landing.

Locate a website that supports one of the learning objectives listed in the second module item titled Learning Objectives. Then write a short summary describing how the website relates and supports the learning objective you selected.

Web Support link: http://www.aerotransport.com/reference/CPHA_c4.pdf

Although this website is a PDF, it is helpful in gathering information on calculating density altitude; crosswind components and aircraft performance for takeoff, cruise and landing. This article is actually a chapter of a textbook therefore I trust the information presented in this website. Even though the book was published in 2005, the information presented are facts that will not change in the many years to count.

This website might seem like an overload of information and not as interactive as other websites as it is in black and white and there are no hyperlinks. However it is easy to navigate through the website as you can use computer shortcut to find the term that you are looking for. The website is very detailed in giving introductory information about weight and balance on the aircraft and explaining the many terms used in this aspect.

Not only does the website touch on the introduction of weight and balance it goes on to discuss on topics like density altitude and aircraft performance for the various stages of flight. Taking density altitude as an example, the website does a short introduction about density altitude to provide better understanding. Then it moves on to talk about the effects of density altitude on engine power and propeller efficiency. It also teaches you to read performance charts step by step so that you will not be overwhelmed by the load of information from the graphs. The...


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