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Drug Addictiion

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From time immemorial, drugs have been used by mankind for medical purposes. But never before had the abuse of narcotics caused such unprecedented world-wide concern and posed an alarming menace to the society. According to World Health Organisation estimates, there are over 7,50,000 heroin addicts, 4.8 million cocaine abusers, 1.76 million opium abusers and 3.4 million abusers of barbiturates, sedatives, and tranquilisers around the world.

Even the eastern hemisphere is no longer secure from the drug network. Drags have scanned the planet at jet-speed and proved once again that the earth is a small place to live in. The abuse of drugs is now an international problem that bothers Indians, Europeans and Americans alike.

Taking a drug other than for medical reasons, in amount, strength, frequency or manner that damages the physical and mental functioning is drag abuse. Drug abuse is a painful problem for the addict, for his family and for all those who touch his life. It is mostly the youngsters who fall prey to drags. Adolescence is a period when many choices must be made. At this stage, the youngster is especially vulnerable to pressure from friends.

The future generation is virtually being crippled by the abuse of drags. A drag abuser is completely self-centred and cares least about others. His consciousness is clouded, and he loses his will-power, concentration, memory and judgement capacity. When in need of money, he does not hesitate to steal or indulge in other anti-social activities. “More drags, more crime” shows the graph. A new addict develops friendship with fellow addicts, and gradually enters the so called ‘drag subculture’. He is then regarded as an outcaste in society, and there is little chance that he will again lead a healthy life.

To start with, the addict takes a pill to alleviate pain or get a ‘thrill’ at the persuasion of his friends. Quickly he develops a mental dependence on the ‘thrill’. Gradually he becomes physically dependent...


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