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A Mothers Scorn

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A Mothers Scorn
“Listen to your brother, Tom. He’s pathetic. How are we going to support ourselves once you go”? This statement is a glimpse into the soul of Amanda Wingvalley. Amanda is in her early 50s and she wears it like an age old leather suite. Her hair is graying, black and stringy; emanating a musty dampness like you would find in a run-down laundry mat. This is rightly so due to the fact it matches her personality perfectly in every way.
Amanda Wingvalley was raised in the lower middle class outside Buffalo New York; she faced many struggles raising two male children on her own. Amanda was a strong willed woman and worked hard to put cloths on her son’s backs as well as struggled to put food on the table. Amanda’s younger son Lawrence was a special needs child who had many hypochondriac traits and was always suffering from some type of ailment which made things very difficult for Amanda. Tom, the older son by four years was the strong one of the two; he must have gotten that trait from his father who went to get a lotto ticket one evening and never to return again.
Lawrence is a kind boy who wanted nothing more than his mother to admire his triumphs and enjoy him as he is and not compare him to his older brother Tom. One could only imagine what a mother’s scorn would do to a child such as Lawrence. Time and time again Lawrence gets shunned by his mother just for her to change faces as if she was some kind of circus freak.   The type of circus freak that one would not know if it was going to scare you one minute or frighten you the next. Only to give in to his mother’s frustrations and own the shame that came with her rage.  

Amanda sees her son as an inconvenience and believes she is a victim in this life she has with her two boys. Early on in the play Amanda truly sets the stage of how she feels about her son Lawrence. Lawrence having been afflicted with many issues (which may all be in his head) made a reference to his limp. Amanda...


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