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Personal Mandala

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y mandala consists of five symbols that mean a lot to myself and my life.   These symbols are a
dove, a rose, a cross, a link, and a compass in the middle to separate each symbol.   The dove on
my mandala represents peace. I included this symbol because I believe   that everyone including
my self should obtain peace and be peaceful to other this is very important to me. y second
symbol which was a rose represents love. Love   is very important in my life and it should be in
yours too. Love helps people to realize that there is always people there for you through thick
and thin and that you will always have someone you can trust and go to which means a lot to
me. This third symbol of the cross represents my religion. y religion is and has a very big
impact on my life I know Gods always there when there's trouble and that I can go to him at
any time. y fourth symbol is a link of lines that represents family. y family is so important to
me and I don't know what I would do without them or if I lost them. y centre symbol was a
compass. This compass does not represent which way to go on a geographical setting but
where you should be directed in life. This compass reminds you to to always choose the right
direction, to choose good from bad. This is why I decided to have the compass as the centre
peace because of its bigger meaning of just a compass.


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