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How Does Lying Help You?

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Mariela Mejia
English 11A: P1
Ms. Hershberger
9 October 2013
How does lying really help you?
Lying, most people find that by lying in a situation it can make it better or easier to get out of but in reality, it can actually make things much worse.   As seen in the movies Easy A and “The Crucible” the main protagonists start off with innocent lies not knowing how it would affect them in the long run and how it would affect the people that they cared about the most.
Olive Penderghast began her life lesson with telling a harmless lie about sleeping with a college boy just, so she could tell her friend what she wanted to hear and improve her reputation. Olive unknowingly created a chain reaction the moment she started the lie. “I started piling on lie after lie. It was like setting up Jenga.”   Once the rumor about olive got around school, an old classmate begs her help to cover up his sexual identity so that he would not be judged; olive feeling pressured to help, lies and ultimately becomes the school “harlot.”
Abigail Williams the main protagonist of the Crucible shows how lying for the wrong, selfish reasons can bring out the worst in people and in humanity. “A woman comes to my bed every night now and tears out my eyes.” (Abigail) “Can you make out who she may be?” (Judge Danforth)   “I believe she be Reverend John Hale's wife sir.”(Abigail)   “You must be mistaken my child. The wife of a minister be unlikely...” (Judge Danforth) “Satan may reach anyone sir.” (Abigail) Abigail begins to manipulate the people of the town to pit everyone against each other, creating a distraction from what she truly wants, which is the love of John Proctor and the death of his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Nevertheless, along the way she gets’ innocent people into the mix, which eventually causes their cruel death, but soon people figure out that it is a huge sham. In addition, at the end of the whole fiasco her one true desire John Proctor is killed, making the whole lie a waste of...


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