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The Common Scientifical Educational Space

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The common scientifically educational space in Kazakhstan

In recent years, scientists and educators are increasingly turning to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeducational space in the solution of educational, organizational and managerial tasks.
The concept of "educational space" was introduced by the authors and I.Frumin B.Elkonin back in the 90s.
Thus, the "educational space" - this is the place (conditions), where (or where) can happen human development or quality changes with it.
And in the event that the "space" can be interpreted as a specific list of items describing this or that sphere of human activity, there is his name: educational space, educational space, cultural and educational space, the space of childhood, etc.
What are the requirements for educational space required standards of the new generation?
"In order to ensure the implementation of the basic educational program at an educational institution for the participants of the educational process should create conditions of possibility:
to achieve the expected results of development of basic educational program all students, including children with disabilities;
identify and develop abilities of students through clubs, sections, studios and clubs, organization of public benefit, including social practices, taking advantage of the educational institutions of additional education for children;
Work with talented and gifted children, the organization of intellectual and creative competitions, scientific and technical creativity, design and research;
use in the educational process of modern educational technologies such as the activity;
effective independent work of students, with the support of teachers;
enable students to understand the processes and the transformation of extracurricular social environment (village, district, city) to gain experience with real control and action;
I think that the common space - is the product of a joint design of all its subjects within the existing...


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