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Article Critique

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Name: Nigel C. Thompson Jr. Course: MGMT303
Student Id: 000-05-2886 Due: February 12, 2015
Article Critique

The article “Why you’re working too hard” by Dave Nussbaum is about how Christopher K. Hsee explains how you’re compromising your happiness by overearning. This article is found on “Chicago Booth” on August 30, 2013. It explains how economists were thinking trying to predict that if productivity were to be increased, then it would allow people to work far fewer hours. As time progressed the work output has increased fourfold, but the working hours has barely decreased by only ten percent (10%). The results of these findings were to have people questioning if working more is making the people happier, because by overworking people are beginning to compromise their happiness.
Dave Nussbaum’s article is an interesting read because it explains a number of theories, experiments, and their corresponding results. “The pursuit of happiness is one of America’s guiding principles. This statement is a true statement, even as it relates to the Bahamas. There are many people which are on this pursuit many do not know exactly what they are doing to achieve it. Nussbaum states that the problem with people is that they are not certain what will make them happy, because there are not much that makes good choices. The choices we make can indeed make us happy at the time, but it will only be temporary.
Hedonomics is a term which is viewed in the article. The term is a design philosophy which considers human needs in a system design. Hsee, and Yntema spent decades conducting research psychology, economics and happiness was the leader of the field hedonomics. Hedonomists are more focused on treating happiness at the top of their needs. The economist focus on maximizing wealth with limited resources, but the hedonomist focuses on maximizing happiness with limited wealth. They seem to want to understand the reason why there are mistakes in predicting what will...


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