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The Rings

      There are many wedding traditions throughout history for many types of religions, but no matter what religious belief you have, the uniting together in marriage is universal.   Although most of today’s society does not know or remember what the reasons behind them are or what they mean.
      As for the meaning of rings, and ring finger, is it symbolic, religious, or medical? If you’re a women, you have most likely dreamt, or even already picked out your engagement ring. This is important to a bride as the wedding itself.   In Mediaeval times, grooms would pay for the brides hand in matrimony. A precious stone or stones were most likely involved in this purchase. This was his symbol of his intent in marriage. Although the purchasing of the bride, eventually stopped, the gift of the diamond or stone has not.
      Why is it so important to wear the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand? In Roman history, it is said that the vein in this particular finger leads straight to the heart, meaning a unity of two people, who love each other, will always be bonded together. Heart to Heart. Medieval brides and grooms would place the ring on three of the bride’s fingers to symbolize God the Holy Father, God the Holy Son and God the Holy Spirit. The ring was then kept on the third finger and has been a custom ring finger in English-speaking nations, which is considered our fourth finger (when including the thumb). However not all religions use this finger. European women wear the ring on the left hand before marriage, and switch to the right hand after the ceremony.
      The media has changed the so called "modern weddings." The magazine industry; There are many different magazines about weddings that can be bought at any newsstand.   Magazines such as Elegant Bride, Bridal Guide, and one of the most popular are, Modern Bride. There is even computer software.   Another establishment that has prospered off of weddings is the television stations. One of...


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