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Art Critique

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Laurie Frick Pattern Language- Art Critique
I went to the art exhibit   Saturday February 1st around 2pm. The art exhibit had three featuring artist. They were Laurie Frick, James Sterling Pitt and Deb Sokolow. When I entered the art exhibit a piece of Laurie Frick’s work grabbed my attention. I soon noticed that all the art that was grabbing my attention was from Laurie Frick. Laurie focused on one thing through her art and it was time management. Even though I was dreading the time I had to take to go to the art exhibit. I ended up enjoying my time there. The gallery but me into deep thought about art. I examined all the art she put in that gallery and I wanted to receive the message that she wanted me to receive through her work.
There were four pieces of work that Laurie Frick got my attention. The first one is called “nightly sleep analyzed” I saw this 98inx120in piece of work as soon as I walked in. It was made by pieces of wood that were shaped in blocks and were screwed into a thin piece of wood.   The artwork was to express how many hours she slept by the month, how sociable she felt and by what city she was staying at. From the piece of art you can tell she becomes more sociable in the latter half of the year towards the summer time and the holidays. The artwork also showed no matter how non sociable or sociable she felt that she would always get sleep from a range 6-8 hours. I think this piece shows how somebody can change through the year but also how no matter what she preferred to get her sleep.
Another piece of her work was also about sleep. It was called “Bedtime Sleep Scores” The piece was mounted on the wall and was a square shape that represented a grid. With time of the day she went to bed and how many times. She used small colored wood blocks to distinguish between cities she is in. She showed that she stays in NYC and Austin, Texas majority of the time. Also in those cities she went to bed late indicating that night life at these two...


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