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Moby Dick

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CH7:Types of Products: product consists of a bundle of attributes that provide value for exchange partners.Products offer value in many ways. International marketers conceptualize value in terms of tangible, intangible and symbolic elements. Types can be basic(assembling a bike) while potentially delivering both intangible benefits (feeling of safety) and symbolic benefits (feeling associated with owning a nice set of tools. Goods vs. Services: a good is a physical product sold to and used by an individual, household, or business. Distinctions can be drawn between durable and nondurable goods, swell as between consumer and business products. Durable goods are items that are consumed overtime. ex. TVS. Nondurable goods are consumed more quickly. Ex: Toothpaste. service: is an intangible product that generally centers on an act or performance that delivers value to individuals. Services play a major role in the global economy. Classification of products:   1. Convenience products: inexpensive and frequently purchased. Consumers do not spend much time or effort when shopping for them. 2: shopping products: Consumers expand more effort when searching for and purchasing shopping products. Shopping products are more expensive than convenience products and are purchased less frequently. 3:Specialty products: products are items consumers spend a great deal of time searching for, and generally they will not accept substitutes. these products tend to be expensive and are marketed with a significant degree of exclusivity. Product dimensions: Products often display three key dimensions. Core product, packaging, and auxiliary dimensions. Core product satisfies or remedies a basic need.Ex: screw driver. Packaging includes the elements of the product that are used to communicate the brand name, logo, and trademark.. as well to protect the core product. Auxiliary dimensions include warranties, instructions, company contact information, as well as the image of the particular brand....


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