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Racial Discrimination of Hong Kong People

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After reading this article, we can know that discrimination and negative impression of Hong Kong people towards the Mainlanders is getting more and more serious recently. As these days, a lot of them have shown bad behaviors, like the “D&G incident” in which the people of Hong Kong were discriminated against in favor of wealthy mainland shoppers; the speech of a professor in Mainland, saying that “Hong Kong people are ‘dogs’ ” which angers most of the Hong Kong people, and their misbehave in the public -- jumping quells, talking loudly on MTR, etc. As a result, this worsens the relationship between Hong Kong people and the Mainlanders. Some of them even generalized the Mainlanders as   and “mischievous people”. Meanwhile, there is a rapid increase in the birth rate of Hong Kong that thousands of mainland women come to Hong Kong to give birth every year to take the benefits and welfare here for their kids. Due to the above reasons, Hong Kong people gave them a new name --“locusts”
In our opinion, we shouldn’t generalize and consider them all as “locusts”. Although some of the Mainlanders have done mean acts, it doesn’t mean that all of them are like this. For example, I have mainlander friends when I am joining extra circular activities. They have no difference between Hong Kong people and get along very well. Also, a lot of Mainlanders have shown good and nice images to others, some of them even gave up their seats to the elderly and keeping lift doors open for those who are physically challenged. These can clearly show that actually they have a polite and considerate side.
However, due to the social concepts, a lot of Hong Kong people have already labeled Mainlanders as people having bad civilization and culture as they have met Mainlanders who talk loudly and impolitely on public areas, jumping quells, etc. But still, before saying how impolite Mainlanders are, we should reflect ourselves at the same time as some Hong Kong people also did the same. We should...


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