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Defunding the Aca

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Defunding the Affordable Care Act- Does this make sense?

The Effects of Defunding Obamacare
Laurie Aucoin
Composition II-1010 Professor MacDonald

Health Care should be available and affordable to all citizens of the United States, regardless of work status or financial situation. The Affordable Care Act which was enacted into law in 2010 as part of healthcare reform will provide health insurance to everyone in the United States of America.   Voted on as a bi-partisan decision from Democrats and Republicans, the law helps the majority of Americans to obtain affordable health benefits and insurance. If the ACA were to be repealed or defunded the effects that followed would be catastrophic for many citizens of our country. No matter which political party you are affiliated with, the reality stands true that no individual or family should be without the basic necessities of healthcare.  
The Effects of Defunding Obamacare
Imagine what your family's life would be like if you were one of the millions of Americans in the United States of America without healthcare coverage. Picture yourself sitting down to dinner with your family, suddenly your father collapses and is unconscious. You call 911 and he is rushed to the hospital where he undergoes surgery for his massive heart attack. Because your father has no health insurance, your family is responsible for a hospital bill that is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your family could be at risk of financial crisis due to the medical expenses incurred without health insurance coverage. With health insurance the cost in this circumstance to your family would be very different. You would pay a copay or deductible for all of the medical services that your father received, thus reducing the amount of debt that is owed in a critical medical crisis situation.   The U.S. census bureau reports that over 42 million Americans do not have coverage for themselves or their families. (Smith, J., & Medalia, C. (2014,...


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