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Bus 365 Wk 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions

Chapter 06
Multiple Choice
1. When a user clicks on a malvertisement on a Web site, the ad will __________.
a) release the latest malware to launch attacks on government agencies
b) redirect to and load a malicious Web site, which is a replica of the site the user was expecting
c) download a cookie that tracks the user’s purchases and credit cards
d) all of the above

2. A service level agreement (SLA) is a legal written contract between a vendor and client in which the vendor guarantees __________.
a) a maximum service charge
b) free upgrades for the length of the contract
c) no defects and/or no risk
d) a minimal level of service

3. Effective e-business models and competitive strategies are developed by __________.
a) vendors and service providers
b) senior marketing managers
c) managers from various functional areas, including marketing, IT, operations, logistics, and accounting
d) Web site designers

4. Online channels and connectivity support __________, which minimizes the limitations of having to be physically present in a single location to collaborate or train.
a) the e-business process
b) telepresence
c) community
d) self-service

5. Over 85 percent of e-commerce dollar volume is __________ commerce.
a) B2B
b) B2C
c) G2G
d) G2B

6. Priceline.com is an example of __________ commerce because the customer names a product or service and the desired price, and then Priceline tries to find a supplier to fulfill that need.
a) business-to-consumers
b) consumers-to-business
c) mobile
d) business-to-business

7. A benefit of hosting an e-commerce Web site on a third-party’s server is __________, which is being able to add-on additional capacity incrementally, quickly, and as needed....


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