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Bus 365 Wk 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 - All Possible Questions

Chapter 11
Multiple Choice
1. Managers rely on business intelligence, data mining, and the decision support systems in order to minimize __________.
a) business processes
b) inventory loss
c) customer dissatisfaction
d) uncertainty

2. What levels of management can today’s BI vendors’ products and software-as-a-service (SaaS) packages support?
a) tactical or operational
b) strategic, tactical, or operational
c) strategic or operational
d) entry and middle

3. What types or sizes of organization can afford today’s BI packages?
a) Fortune 500 and national government agencies only
b) major global corporations only
c) major global and large corporations only
d) all sizes including small and medium enterprises

4. The latest BI tools provide __________, which are reducing managers’ dependence on analysts and tech staff.
a) a high degree of self-sufficiency
b) complex interfaces
c) programming languages
d) query languages

5. DIRECTV’s business model is based on great customer service, attracting new customers, and preventing __________, in which customers switch to a competitor’s service.
a) SCM
b) CRM
c) customer churn
d) customer downsizing

6. As a manager, what type of problems would indicate that you could benefit from a BI solution?
a) Not having the right data
b) Low demand products
c) Slow network speeds
d) High fixed costs

7. From an IT perspective, which of the following best describes BI and BI apps?
a) Stand-alone
b) Support a specific objective
c) A collection of ISs and technologies
d) Web-based systems designed for for-profits

8. The value of __________ to managers is that these apps pull data from a data warehouse or other data store and then graphically depict...


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