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Bus 405 Wk 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 6 - All Possible Questions


1. Centralized (multi-employer) bargaining is frequently not found in the construction, coal, and trucking industries.

2. A party's resistance point on a bargaining issue represents that point beyond which that party would prefer no settlement to settlement on unacceptable terms.

3. In labor negotiations, it is possible for both union and management negotiators to perceive they have been successful after completing contract negotiations.

4. Management would probably prefer centralized bargaining if it had three separate manufacturing facilities (bargaining units), each making the same product.

5. The proportion of an employer's total operating costs comprised of labor costs is termed the degree of labor intensiveness.

6. Bargaining power is more likely to be an important determinant of negotiated outcomes when the parties use a distributive bargaining approach or strategy.

7. Auto industry contract negotiations in 2007 represent an example of pattern bargaining.

8. Generally, high unemployment reduces the union's cost of disagreeing with management.

9. Smaller-sized (less than 10 individuals) bargaining teams are generally preferable to larger bargaining teams to enhance bargaining effectiveness.

10. "Voluntary" (also called permissive or non-mandatory) issues must be bargained over but agreement does not have to be reached.

11. Any failure to reach an agreement on contract language concerning a mandatory bargaining subject represents a violation of the duty to bargain in good faith.

12. Unions do not place upper limits on their bargaining ranges because they maintain, "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

13. Profit sharing represents a mandatory subject of bargaining.



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