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Mgmt 520 Entire Course Legal Political Ethical Dimension of Business Keller

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MGMT 520 Entire Course Legal Political Ethical Dimension of Business Keller
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Class in this thread we will seek to address essentially corporate citizenship. In other words, when the necessity from help arrives and your organization is the only organization that has what can deliver the society in which you operate in from peril, what do you do? In your discussion of the Bayer problem you will find yourself balancing and wondering, how do you overcome some of the barriers of doing the right thing from the corporate perspective?   In the fall of 2001, anthrax was used as a weapon of terror in the United States, when it was sent to numerous media and political organizations and individuals, including Tom Brokaw of NBC News, Dan Rather of CBS News, and U.S. senators….
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Class I want to introduce to some “Wolves of Wall Street” who handled business in a Bernie Madoff type fashion, the Ponzi scheme way.   Allow me to introduce you to former attorney, Marc Dreier.   Many of you have never heard of him, but what he has done to my profession and the business community as a whole is earth shattering.   Read the “Disbarment of Lawyers” case on pages 225 and 226 in the Kubsek text and frame your answer around the four questions for the case study which are located on page 226.   In evaluating this scenario, focus upon the question of what you would do if you are directed to do something that…

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Class just as advised above we will begin...


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