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Bus 490 Wk 8 Quiz 7 Ch. 7 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 490 WK 8 Quiz 7 Ch. 7 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 490 WK 8 Quiz 7 Ch. 7 - All Possible Questions

1) Effective strategy formulation can usually guarantee successful strategy implementation.

2) Strategy formulation is the managing of forces during the action, whereas strategy implementation is the positioning of forces before the action.

3) Strategy formulation requires coordination among a few individuals, but strategy implementation requires coordination among many.

4) It is always easier to say you are going to do something (strategy formulation) than to actually do it (strategy implementation).

5) Unlike strategy formulation, strategy implementation varies considerably among different types and sizes of organizations.

6) A bottom-up flow of communication is essential for developing top-down support.

7) Annual objectives are key components in the strategic-management process because they dictate how resources will be allocated.

8) Horizontal consistency is more important than vertical consistency in developing annual objectives.

9) Undesirable conduct such as distorting the records can be a result of overemphasis on achieving objectives.

10) Policies refer to specific guidelines, methods, procedures, rules, forms, and administrative practices established to support and encourage work toward stated goals.

11) Strategies clarify what can and cannot be done in pursuit of an organization's objectives.

12) Not allocating resources according to the priorities indicated by approved objectives is detrimental to the strategic-management process.

13) Four types of resources that can be used to achieve desired objectives are financial, physical, human and technological.

14) Avoidance, defusion and confrontation are the classifications for the various types of conflict that can arise in...


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