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Bus 230 Wk 10 Quiz Chapter 13 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 10 Quiz Chapter 13 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 10 Quiz Chapter 13 - All Possible Questions

1. A weighted point evaluation system:

a. is seldom used because the costs usually outweigh the benefits.
b. includes evaluation criteria, an importance factor for each, and a rating system.
c. includes efficiency and effectiveness metrics weighted by users perceptions.
d. is the most commonly used process because of ease of design and use.
e. allows each rater to weight the criteria, but all raters user the same rating scales.
2. To select a potential supplier-partner, the buyer should consider:

a. both hard and soft factors with an eye toward long-term outcomes.
b. both hard and soft factors with an eye toward short-term outcomes.
c. soft factors such as congruence of management values and compatibility.
d. hard factors such as quality, quantity, cost, and technology.
e. the willingness of the supplier to quickly change processes for results.
3. A goal of supply chain management is to:

a. gain competitive advantage by acquiring confidential information from chain members.
b. drive down prices through competitive online bidding.
c. push inventory as far down the supply chain as possible.
d. reduce uncertainty and risks between and among members of the supply chain.
e. increase competition by increasing the number of suppliers in the supply chain.
4. Which of the following is a result of forming a buyer-supplier partnership:

a. the amount of time committed to the buyer-supplier relationship is greatly reduced.
b. buyer-supplier relationships are greatly improved at the expense of internal relationships.
c. the buying organization can enjoy the benefits of horizontal integration without the disadvantages.
d. the design process and the introduction of new designs is faster due to earlier supplier and...


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