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Bus 405 Wk 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions


1. The Haymarket Riot, Homestead Incident, and the Pullman Strike eliminated Samuel Gompers’ leadership effectiveness in the AFL.

2. While the CIO and KOL shared somewhat the “one big union” concept, the CIO’s goals were more similar to the AFL than to the KOL.

3. One change since 1950 is organized labor’s current emphasis on short-range reform instead of long-range material goals.

4. The leadership of the Knights of Labor was more interested in seeking higher wage increases for employees than in seeking moral betterment .

5. The new Change to Win federation believes that the AFL-CIO should be supportive of the Democratic Party, even when party leaders did not stand with organized labor on key issues, such as opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement and subsequent proposed trade pacts.

6. Many new members joined the Knights of Labor because of the organization’s “get tough” militant stance during the Haymarket Riot.

7. Organized labor repeated its success in three previous presidential elections by delivering a very large majority of union members for Obama.

8. The sit-down strike helped the CIO to obtain union membership in the 1930s, and it was soon approved by the Supreme Court.

9. Member unions of the Change to Win federation are encouraged to devote 50 percent of their annual operating budget toward union organizing activities, compared to a goal of 30 percent for AFL-CIO affiliated unions.

10. The Homestead Incident unlike the Ludlow Massacre showed the public that union and management officials could resolve their differences in a non-violent fashion.

11. The merger of the AFL and CIO in 1955 has minimized raiding between the two organizations, but has not...


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