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Bus 365 Wk 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 13,14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 13,14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 365 WK 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 13,14 - All Possible Questions

Chapter 13

Multiple Choice

1. __________ are the building blocks of each functional area, e.g., accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P)
a) IT procedures
b) Business processes
c) Business strategies
d) Competitive forces

2. __________ is a technology approach to implementing a business process, but it’s only part of the technology required to implement business processes.
a) MIS
b) BPM
c) SaaS
d) SOA

3. Microsoft International’s lack of standardized business processes and process documentation had a number of adverse impacts on the HR team. Which is not one of those adverse impacts?
a) Decrease in errors by new hires
b) Increased the time and cost to train new employees
c) Limited ability to review their business processes
d) Decreased business process efficiency

4. Which is not one of the benefits that Microsoft International achieved through the use of Visio and business process modeling?
a) Significant savings in labor hours through increased process efficiency
b) Decrease in the training time of newly hired employees
c) Improved decision making through visual process analysis
d) Improved relationships with supply chain partners

5. When you break it down, you see that a business process is actually __________.
a) a project of known scope with an assigned budget
b) a loosely defined approach to solving an unstructured problem
c) a series of individual tasks executed in a specific order
d) clearly defined and automated by software

6. A process has inputs and outputs that are __________, which is necessary so it can be managed.
a) qualitative
b) measurable
c) visual
d) summary metrics

7. Business processes integrate __________.
a) software and...


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