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Bus 405 Wk 8 Quiz 7 Chapter 9,10 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 8 Quiz 7 Chapter 9,10 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 8 Quiz 7 Chapter 9,10 - All Possible Questions


1. Employees consider perceived costs versus benefits that may be gained before they would be willing to participate in a strike.

2. Management may not call a strike, but it may invoke certain practices that will cause a strike, because a strike sometimes works to its advantage.

3. Economic issues are the most common reason for work stoppages.

4. In most cases, a wildcat strike is a violation of the labor agreement.

5. Recently, it has been recognized that management can take certain actions that will cause a strike when it is to the employer's advantage to have a strike.

6. Med-arb and final-offer total package arbitration are similar in that the arbitrator does not make up his own contract but picks one of those that has been negotiated.

7. The right to strike is one of the rights guaranteed under the Labor Management Relations Act.

8. The use of strike replacements (particularly permanent replacements) during an economic strike reduces the tensions between the parties and often shortens the length of a strike.

9. Economic strikers may be either temporarily or permanently replaced by an employer for the purpose of continuing normal business operations.

10. Interest arbitration, unlike mediation and fact finding, results in a final and binding decision.

11. Conventional interest arbitration has been criticized because arbitrators have been accused of "splitting the difference."

12. If not permanently replaced, an economic striker has a right to be reinstated to his or her job at any time during a labor dispute after making an unconditional request for reinstatement to the employer.

13. An employee may resign from the union during a strike, cross picket lines, and be...


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