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Bus 405 Wk 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 11 Quiz 10 Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions


1. Employees of all private firms in Japan are guaranteed lifetime employment.

2. A number of large MNCs are so enormous that their sales are frequently larger than the entire economy of the countries in which they conduct business.

3. Unions and corporations in the United States have a substantial influence on labor relations in Canada.

4. Hourly compensation costs in the United States exceed those of most countries in Western Europe.

5. In Australia, the Workplace Relations Act of 1996 (WRA) introduced individual contracts called Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) which enhanced ‘‘choice’’ by placing individual and collective agreements on an equal footing.

6. Organized labor in the United States is generally supportive of MNCs because they believe that MNCs improve wages for workers in the U.S.

7. Highly developed, sophisticated patterns of labor relations, such as those in Germany, have spread rapidly and are now commonplace in Russia and other former states of the U.S.S.R.

8. Pressure on a MNC by a local union strike may be reduced because MNC operations in other countries continue to generate products and profits.

9. Collective bargaining in South America is far more common and unions are more sophisticated than in the United States.

10. Transnational collective bargaining will be commonplace in the near future because international labor organizations are so well organized and active in coordinating with one another.

11. American jobs have been lost in major industries, such as the automobile, steel, textile, footwear, and consumer electronics, whereas jobs in the aircraft, computers, entertainment, and finance industries have increased.

12. Given the high costs...


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