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Bus 409 Wk 6 Quiz 5 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 409 WK 6 Quiz 5 - All Possible Questions

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1) This clearly defines the relative value of each job among all jobs within a company.
A) internally consistent compensation system
B) generalized work activities
C) intra-organizational job markers
D) market comparison standards

2) This describes job duties, tasks, and relevant factors needed to perform a job adequately.
A) job content
B) job structure
C) job summary
D) job context

3) This is the systematic process for recognizing differences in the relative worth among a set of jobs and for establishing pay differentials accordingly.
A) job analysis
B) job content
C) job evaluation
D) job-relatedness

4) These two are job evaluation techniques.
A) market-based & appeals-based
B) compensable content & job-based
C) market-based & job content
D) compensable content & job content

5) This is a systematic process for gathering, documenting, and analyzing information in order to describe jobs.
A) job characterization
B) job description
C) job evaluation
D) job analysis

6) One of the essential skills that software development engineers must have is the proficiency in at least one of the modern computer programming languages such as Java or C++. This must be indicated in which part of the job analysis description?
A) working conditions
B) job evaluation
C) worker requirement
D) job content

7) Which unit in the job analysis process is the smallest?
A) task
B) element
C) job
D) family

8) In the job analysis process this term represents a group of positions that are identical with respect to their major tasks.
A) job
B) element
C) job family
D) occupation

9) This unit of analysis is a group of jobs, found at more than one business, in which a common set of tasks are performed.
A) job family
B) occupation
C) position
D) job group

10) What...


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