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Bus 490 Wk 5 Quiz 4 Ch. 4 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 490 WK 5 Quiz 4 Ch. 4 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 490 WK 5 Quiz 4 Ch. 4 - All Possible Questions

1) Opportunities are a firm's distinctive competencies that cannot be easily matched or imitated by competitors.

2) The process of performing an internal audit, compared to the external audit, provides more opportunity for participants to understand how their jobs, departments and divisions fit into the whole organization.

3) An internal audit task force of managers could be charged with determining a specific number (usually 10 to 20) of the most important strengths and weaknesses.

4) Proponents of the resource-based view argue that external factors are more important than internal factors for a firm in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage

5) The basic premise of the research-based view is that the mix, type, amount and nature of a firm's internal resources should be considered first and foremost in devising strategies that can lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

6) The subtle, elusive and largely unconscious forces that shape the workplace are captured by the organizational culture.

7) Cultural products include values, beliefs, stories, and language.

8) Metaphors are handed-down narratives of some wonderful event that are based on history but have been embellished with fictional detail.

9) A ritual is a standardized, detailed set of techniques and behaviors used to manage anxieties.

10) For a resource to be valuable, it must be either rare, hard to imitate, or not easily sustainable.

11) Linkages between a firm's culture and strategies often determine success.

12) Resources that are common are never considered valuable.

13) The RBV theory asserts that it is advantageous for a firm to pursue a strategy that is not currently being implemented by any competing firm.

14) An...


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