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A letter to Santi Getter

Dear Boss,

I hope you had a great day today. As for us, i dont think it would ever be better with you around. Three months ago going to work is somethng that i always look forward to, i always go to work early and would even take a taxi just not to be late. I never had attendance issues. That's how dedicated i was then. I love my job, i have good relationship with my teammates, our team leader was great and our accm was always supportive. I dont want to let them down. Our TL would always motivate us in doing good with our scorecards/metrics in order for us to move up. He was able to draw a career path in our minds and we had results. Our score was always good, we may not be always number one but we were surely doing good. Ive been to several call centers already and during that time I came to a point where i said to myself "I'll stay here for long". Do you remember that boss? I told you that myself when you first came back to bigpond right? And you even affirmed it. Then our TL became sick and has to rest. We were floating without a TL for sometime with just you. That's where things starts going down. For me i guess it started with you sending us to early break after an hour of taking in calls and then early lunch after an hour or so then early 2nd break which would leave us 4-5 hours taking in calls without another break. Then you guys would tell us to go on VTO which would sound enticing than taking in calls for the next four to five hours without rest. We understood   that it's because of the low call volume and you dont want us working because TP is not earning much. But still it felt wrong that time. You could've let us follow our plotted schedule and then let us decide voluntarily whether to go home or not. Besides we were always queueing that time because of our skill level. We tried to tell you but you just said 'Just follow what you're told guys'. Well i guess that wasn't your fault for you were just following orders and i...


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