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Collagen Peptide and Gelatin - “Customized Building Blocks” of Body Proteins

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Collagen peptide is a fibrous protein obtained from the hydrolyzed form of collagen, a protein naturally found in extracellular matrix of animal cells and tissues. After being hydrolyzed, collagen becomes water soluble by losing its gelling ability, and thus can be used in a variety of ways for consumption. Gelatin is a transparent, colorless protein obtained by boiling tendons, ligaments, bones, and/or skin with water. Gelatin is usually obtained from pigs or cows and is used in a variety of products such as cosmetics, shampoos, face masks, as a thickener for puddings and fruit gelatins, in marshmallows, ice cream, cakes, in vitamins, and as capsules.The amino acid composition of collagen peptide and gelatin is almost similar to the collagen in our bodies. Thus, these substances act as customized building blocks of collagen in the body. These substances are derived from raw materials that are natural living sources, and induce no reported side effects. These substances also do not react with food ingredients and supply the body with a pure pool of collagen.

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Collagen is critical to the body as it strengthens connective tissues of the body, allowing them to stretch without breaking. Of all the protein in our bodies, one-third is collagen. As the body gets older, it makes less collagen and individual fibers of collagen starts cross linking with each other. This leads to conditions such as wrinkles on the skin, due to loss of elasticity and less flexible tendons.Taking collagen from an outside source, through products such as collagen peptide and gelatin, is an excellent way of boosting the protein intake of the body. The use of collagen peptide and gelatin improves skin, hair and bone health, and has shown to reduce joint pain due to arthritis.

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