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Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) is a term describing a group of military ranks found in the Indian Army, Pakistan Army, Bangladesh Army and Nepal Army. Those soldiers holding JCO rank receive a commission from the President with commanding power.
During British rule, these officers were known as viceroy's commissioned officers (VCOs) except in Nepal, which was never a British colony. Under the British, there was a clear colonial context, until 1866 VCOs being the highest ranks that most Indians could achieve while most commissioned officers were British.
Senior non-commissioned officers are promoted to JCO rank on the basis of merit and seniority, restricted by the number of vacancies. Junior Commissioned Officers are treated as a separate class, and hold many additional privileges. In the army, they have a separate mess (the JCOs' mess, the CPOs' mess or the WOs' mess), get well furnished family quarters, and are authorized to travel in AC II tier on the railways and economy class in airlines. With good pay and privileges, it is an ambition of most enlisted men to attain such rank.
Due to their long years of service and experience, officers accord JCOs great respect and influence, especially in cases involving the enlisted ranks, their welfare and morale. Another custom religiously followed is that a JCO is never addressed using just his name or rank.
Other Information
While Army JCOs receive a parchment from the president on commissioning, naval chief petty officer ranks and the air force Warrant officer(JWO/WO/MWO) ranks receive a presidential warrant on promotion. This is a certificate issued on behalf of the President of India or the President of Pakistan to authenticate the promotion of a sailor to the chief rank, an airman to warrant rank. The warrant is made on pre-printed stationery written by hand.
All army JCOs, navy chief petty officers and air force warrant ranks (JWO to MWO) are group B officers with class-II gazetted status. Army JCOs, navy chief...


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