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Mkt 421 (Marketing Plan) Complete Class Week 1 -5 - a+ Work

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MKT 421 (Marketing Plan) Complete Class Week 1 -5 - A+ Work
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MKT 421 All discussion Questions Included

MKT 421 Favorite Brand Paper
Write a 750- to 1,000-word paper in which you identify your favorite brand and explain why it is your favorite. In the paper you should do the following:
 Identify a brand about which you are passionate.
 Explain a minimum of three reasons why you are passionate about this brand.
 Respond to the following questions:
 Is the company successful in building loyal customer relationships across different groups?
 Why or why not?
 Identify at least two other competitors in the same industry, and explain why you prefer your selected brand over the competitors.
Cite a minimum of three sources from popular media (magazines, newspaper, and online media) that illustrate your points.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

MKT 421 Week 2 Marketing Mix Presentation
Select a company currently experiencing marketing changes.

Create a 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (including a title slide) that analyzes that company's marketing mix:
• Each of the four P's should be addressed on its own slide.
• The final slide should analyze the changes this company is experiencing and the driving forces behind the changes.
• Use the MarketLine database and Wall Street Journal in the University Library to facilitate your research of the company.

MKT 421 Week 2 Personal Branding Plan Paper
Write a 750- to 1000-word paper that does the following:
• Summarizes your background and what makes you unique in a 1-paragraph elevator pitch
• Identifies 3 to 4 companies you want to work for, and an explanation as to why
• Identifies the best methods for contacting those companies and engaging those who might influence the hiring decision
Format your paper consistent with APA...


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