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Abstract Terror. A word that no one takes lightly. It is instilled into the hearts and minds of the innocent, for what? A message, a political viewpoint expressed by taking another human life. And sweeping right in behind this tragedy, this act of terrorism, is the ever present media, which only fuels the flames of destruction even higher. Terrorism is a major problem in facing our society. Even though it has been around since people’s ideals have been oppressed, still no one listens and everyone fears it. The best way to end terrorism is by understanding the reasons behind it, ending publicity for it, and increasing security measures for it. To understand terrorism one has to realize that it can occur at any moment, but it will most likely happen when least expected. To uncover the true cause of terrorism, involves identifying motive and personalities of those “terrorizing”. Today, our society, not only America, as well as the rest of the world, is frightened by domestic and international terrorists for their ability to reach the innocent. Terrorism 3 History of Terrorism Since the days of ancient Egypt, people have been killing leaders of countries and/or attempting to overthrow their government. King Tut of Egypt was poisoned and smashed in the back of the head by a political rival. Caesar was killed by the members of the Roman Senate and Brutus, his best friend, for fear he was becoming too powerful. First century a Jewish terrorist group named Zealots-Sicarii started by murdering individual victims with daggers and swords. Their objective was to start a mass uprising against the Greeks in Judea and against the Romans who governed both Greeks and Jews. Our own presidents Abraham Lincoln, and John F Kennedy, were assassinated for individual’s political agendas. But as we progress as a society, economically and technologically, so do the agendas of terrorist groups.(Nacos, 11)


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