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Humorous Essay

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The Funniest man I have met
In the course of our daily lives, we meet so many people, each having his own unique qualities.Some people may be too serious in their interactions, while others may be very funny.It is often the company of funny people that we enjoy the most.
I have a  neighbour called Mr. Sharma. He is the funniest man I have ever met.He always keeps cracking jokes and plays weird but harmless pranks on others.His has an endless list of jokes and funny one-liners up his sleeve.
The first time itself that I met Mr Sharma, he had me burst into laughter. He being our new neighbour, I went to his house with a packet of sweets to welcome him.When he opened the door, I greeted him saying,"Welcome to the new place,Mr. Sharma".He replied saying "Well, kid! I have been in this place ( meaning the earth) for the last 60 years.So how can I be new here?". This one remark surprised me but also had me in splits,and set the tone for a long lasting friendship with him.

One of his favourite remarks was " I take my wife to different parts of the world every year, but she still somehow manages to find her way back". This would be followed by a angry but loving stare from Mrs Sharma.
Mr. Sharma spreads cheer all around the place, whether it's the municipal park where he goes for his morning walk,or the temple premises where the colony residents hang out in the evening.His jokes are original and would send us into peals of laughter more often than not.Also his jokes and pranks are always in good taste,so that no one gets hurt or insulted. He never cracks jokes on anyone's religion,caste, skin colour, appearance or in any manner that would offend. If at all he does so, it would be a joke on himself.Some times he uses his sense of humour for social purposes or to send out a message.I vivdly remember the day he organized a dog show in front of the commissoners bungalow to protest the lack of action in taming the street dog menace.On another occassion, he...


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