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They Conquer Who Believe They Can

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positive thought by thinking that you will be able to give the speech in the best possible way
Create your own style; don’t copy anybody. By copying a person you will get a feeling that the person whom you copy is superior and as a result you suffer from inferiority complex.
Find our the Origin; Get a competent counsellor to help you understand why you do what you do ; Learn the origin of your inferiority complex an self-doubt feelings and overcome these setbacks.
Emerson said; They conquer who believe they can and he added. “Do the thing you fear again and again. Practice of faith and confidence will soon kill your fears and insecurities and it will have no power on you”
Quote from the true charm and power of Vedanta
We say that it is freedom that we are to seek, and that that freedom is God, it is the same happiness as in everything else; but when man seeks it in something which is finite, he gets only spark of it. The thief when he steals gets the same happiness as the man who finds it in God; but the thief gets only a little spark with a mass of misery. The real happiness is God, Love is God, freedom is God; and everything that is bondage is not God.
I drive joy There was a doctor in Benaras who spent 7 minutes in the morning and evening for mediation on God. Knowing this, his colleagues and friends laughed at him. One day they argued that he was wasting seven precious minutes on something, which he had been misled into believing. The doctor replied, “Well, if God does not exist, I agree that I am wasting seven minutes a day. But, if He exists? I am afraid you are wasting your entire lifetime. I prefer to waste seven minutes rather than a lifetime. Why should you grudge me the 7minutes joy that I derive 4m.
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