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Bis245Uop Course Week 5 Lab - Er Diagram and Er Matrix

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BIS245UOP Course Week 5 Lab - ER Diagram and ER Matrix
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A. Lab # : BSBA BIS245A-5A
B. Lab 5A of 7 : Database design using Visio, and based on data requirements
and business rules focusing on normalizing data to third normal form.
C. Lab Overview--Scenario/Summary:
2. Given a situation containing entities, business rules, and data requirements,
create the conceptual model of the database using a database modeling tool.
You have been asked to create a database model using the MS Visio Database
Model Diagram Template. The purpose of this lab is to provide experience
normalizing the database to third normal form based on limited instructions, data
requirements, and associated business rules.
Upon completing this lab, you will be able to
1. create a new Visio file for database design; and
2. using the data requirements and the business rules provided, develop a
conceptual model (ERD), including attribute data types and required field
D. Deliverables
Section Deliverable Points
Step 1 YourName_Lab5A_ERMatrix.docx
Step 3 YourNameLab5A.vsd (Visio Diagram)
E. Lab Steps
1. Get the Lab5A_ERMatrix.docx document from Doc Sharing:
a. Download the Lab5A_ERMatrix document file from your course Doc
Sharing panel (Labs view), and Save the file to your local drive.
2. Using Citrix for MS Visio and/or MS Access
a. If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions
located in the iLab tab in Course Home.
3. Start MS Visio
a. Open Microsoft Office, Visio application, or
b. if you are using Citrix, click on Microsoft Office Applications folder
to start Visio. Page 2 of 5
Step 1: Identify the entities and relationships.
a. Over the past four weeks, you have created ERDs based on information
provided. This week, you will...


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