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Hcp 210 Uop Course Homework Aid All Assignments Dqs and Checkpoints /Entire Courseb

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HCP 210 UOP Course Homework Aid All Assignments DQs and Checkpoints /Entire Course

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Week 1

Discussion Questions

• What are some of the pharmacy technician’s roles in today’s pharmacy practice? Why are these roles important? What skills do you think an effective pharmacy technician must have? Explain why you think such skills and knowledge are important.

• How would you define pharmacy practice? Do you envision a career in the field of pharmacy practice to be challenging or rewarding? Why or why not?

Week 2
1. CheckPoint: Origin of the Modern-Day Pharmacy

• Select a culture which may or may not be familiar to you.
• Trace your selected culture’s evolution into what is the modern-day pharmacy practice in that culture.
• Write a 200- to 300-word response in which you address the following:

o What were the culture’s ancient methods for dispensing medicine?
o Identify the milestones of the culture’s evolution into what is now its modern-day pharmacy practice.
o How long did it take to evolve into the selected culture’s modern-day practice?

• Cite any outside sources that you may use.
1. CheckPoint: Elements of a Drug Label

• Resource: Appendix B
• Review the prescription label (figure 2-1), over-the-counter drug label (figure 2-2), and manufacturer’s drug label (figure 2-3) on pp. 11-12 of your text.
• Complete the table in Appendix B by listing the similarities and differences located on each label.

2. Assignment: Ethical Decisions

• Read the scenario about Mrs. Mortimer located under the section Ethics and the Pharmacy Technician on p. 5 of the text.
• Review the five moral principles located on p. 5 and the nine ethical theories located on pp. 6-7 of your text.
• Write a 350- to 700-word, paper addressing the following points:

o With which two theories do you...


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