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Beh 225 Uop Complete Class Homework Aidintroduction to Behavioral Science /Complete Class

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BEH 225 UOP   Complete Class Homework AidIntroduction to Behavioral Science /Complete Class

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BEH 225 Week 1.Appendix B . Research Methods
Resources: pp. 24–35 in Ch. 1 of Understanding Psychology; Appendix B
Complete Appendix B. See Materials Forum Chp 1.3 must be read to complete this.
Post as an attachment.
BEH 225 Week 2.Appendix C . Brain Response of Behavior
Resources: Appendix C; pp. 51.67 in Ch. 2 of Understanding Psychology
Complete Appendix C.
Note. There are three pages in Appendix C. Complete Parts I–III to fulfill the assignment.

Post as an attachment.

Note. There are three pages in Appendix C. Complete Parts I–III to fulfill the assignment
BEH 225 Week 2.CheckPoint . Heredity and Hormones
Resource: Ch. 2 of Understanding Psychology

Write a 350. to 700.word essay in which you compare and contrast the influence of heredity and hormones on human behavior.

Include in your essay a discussion on the endocrine system, identification of hormones and the glands responsible for secreting them, and genetics, behavior genetics, and evolutionary psychology.
Format the essay consistent with APA guidelines.

Post your essay as an attachment.
BEH 225 Week 3.CheckPoint . Human Intelligence
Resources: Ch. 7 of Understanding Psychology
Consider the following scenario: Since you are a successful college student, you have been asked by a former high school teacher to address his/her class on the topic of human intelligence.

Create a presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint® that consists of 7 to 10 slides and detailed speaker notes to addresses the following:

•         What is intelligence?
•         Compare the early and contemporary theories of intelligence.
•         How do we measure intelligence?
•         What are the characteristics of a good intelligence test?
Format citations of original works...


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